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Follower - The Movie

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Crossbow Weapon

Wolf Mask

Just a heads up to the curator that reviews this. IP aggrement between Filmrare and Follower has already been sent to legal. Thank you in advance!

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

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Hey, models are good to go, will wait for confirmation from the legal, just in case.



Awesome thank you @AndreusAs , much appreciated!

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Hi @Yannakis and @AndreusAs any update from the legal team to go forward with the approval? Thanks a lot

Hey! Unfortunately, not yet.

Hi, is there a way to expedite it? I have the film corresponding to the wearable release in our cineplex tomorrow and will be my POS. Can you let me know who is the legal team member so that I can reach out to them? Thanks

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Hey, it’s been worked out - approved!


Thanks a lot, @AndreusAs Please let me know what caused a debate. I can use that info to make sure we incorporate it in our agreement with producers in the future—that way the ambiguity can be avoided.

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No debates took place at all, must have been a delay from the legal, that’s all.

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