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FMF365 T-Shirts

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Hi! Checking collection now!

Hi! Do you have IP rights? Please send them here

Sent email. Thank you!

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All good! There is one small issue with your shirt

  • bottom border vertices needs to be snapped to top border vertices of standard legs and have weight painting set to 1 to hip bone
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The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi there! I fixed both male and female shirts. I uploaded just a few min ago. We have a big Point of Interest Party at 9pm and I’d love to give these out. Thank you! You are welcome to join the celebration too at -147,23, CJ Trax providing the music.

Hi! thank you, i will check collection now!

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Collection approved!

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Awesome! Thanks so much!

Actually, I only see the male version avail for minting. Did I mis a step?

let me check, one sec

all good, model is unisex :thinking:

Is there a way to make a M and F version? I thought I uploaded both. Sorry, I’m really new to wearables and figuring this process out.

you uploaded both versions, i checked twice in world

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ok got it, i confused myself lol

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