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FMF365 Halloween Costumes 2022

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FMF365 Halloween - Witch Hat

FMF365 Halloween - Blue Hat

FMF365 Halloween - Red Hat

FMF365 Halloween - White Hat

FMF365 Halloween - Devil Costume

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

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  • Currently Blue Hat, Red Hat, and White hat are all the same model. Please make sure they’re different.

  • All 3 top hats are currently also making the character scale smaller in the builder. Please double check the armature to ensure it hasn’t been scaled, and that it works correctly in the builder.

  • The Devil Costume currently hides the upper-body. You’ll either need to build the upper body into the wearable, or use another slot.

  • The hair is penetrating through the top hats. To avoid this please make the hat larger, or model your own hair inside the wearable and hide the hair in the builder.


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Hi grimey
I had all the corrections made, could you direct me how to update the existing ones in builder? I cant delete the existing wearables that needed changes.
Thank you

Ignore that - I think I uploaded the new wearables. Let me know if you don’t see the changes.

Hi Grimey, Hate to bug you but I was really hoping to have these wearables ready for the month of Oct… any chance you could take a look at my changes and let me know if we are good?
Thank you!

Might help to tag them, sometimes they can miss comments bc of the system being busy and all that fun fresh stuff : )

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@grimey I forgot to tag you

@grimey :wave: just wondering if I could pretty please get these wearables approved?

Hey Dan, sorry for the delay. Checking this out again now!

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There’s still a few things that need fixing unfortunately! Please see below for the changes needed

  • Since the Devil costume is using the Tiara slot, please add something into the wearable that fits into that slot on the body. For instance, you could add devil horns. Or anything you like that goes closer to the top of the head.


  • Please add Hair to the hide list of all the hats.

  • The Witch hat currently doesnt have any custom modelled hair, meaning you’re either bald or have hair penetrating.


  • Please reduce the amount of tris on the witch hat as much as you can


  • In blender, name the material of the hair Hair_MAT. That way the engine can colour it how the player chooses in the hair menu.


If you need help feel free to DM me on the forum!


Hi @grimey I got everything fixed! Ready for your review :slight_smile:


Heya! Looks like you still need to add ‘hair’ to the hide list for all of the hats.

  • Also please adjust weighting on the devil costume wings so they follow the back correctly. See screenshot

For a quicker turnaround on troubleshooting this stuff i’d highly recommend using the ‘see in world’ function to make sure its all working.



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All set! Please check when you can. Thank you!

@grimey All set - please check when you can.

Thanks for all the fixes @VirtualDan! These look great, all approved!


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Yay! Thanks @grimey - I think we got it figured out now for the next time around.

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