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Comfy Fluffy Bunny Slippers

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Checking this out now!

Nice! Looks good. Just 2 small things.

  • Theres a tinnnny gap inbetween the feet and the lower body you can see when wearing shorts on both avatars.


  • And it looks like some of the feet geo is penetrating through the bottom of the slipper. Is this intentional?



Thank you Grimey, i’m on it.

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Hi @grimey , i fixed the problems and updated the asset.
Feel free to let me know if there are any more issues.
Can’t wait to make some more cool ones.
Thank you for your time. Kurt

Heya! Thanks for the update. Almost there, Just one more penetration to fix on the left foot. Check out the screenshot.


Hi Grimey, can’t thank you enough for your help.
I found out it had to do with topology so i fixed that now.
I also tweaked the ears so they never intersect with pants as wel.
Please have another look and don’t hesitate to let me know of any other problems.
Cheers, Kurt

Heya thanks for the update Millipede. It looks almost good to go. It looks like the male model is now penetrating the ground more. Check out the screenshot below. On the left is the female model, right is the male.


Hi Grimey, that’s weird, it seems to happen o the outer rim of the pavement but not only with my slippers but with all the built in ones too.

But i tweaked the soles some more and reexported which seems to have solved this.
Could you have a looksee please ?
Cheers, Kurt

Thanks for the update! This is all good to go, approved!


Cheers Grimey, catch you on the next one :wink:

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Just one question, should i remove the feet ?
I thought they had to be included but i see in the preview they are showing.
Will there be any concequences to the update ?

The feet should be included. You’ve done the right thing :slight_smile:

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Phew, feet, check, thx Grimey ! :sweat_smile:

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Hi Grimey, I updated the thumbnail image to be more representative.
Not sure if that needs to be reviewed by you or it went somewhere else maybe.
Could you please have a look ?

Heya. This is now reapproved. Cheers!

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Awesome, thanks again Grimey.

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