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Flock Fits - Fuego

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The Flock Fit - Fuego

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Can you please reupload @blocked @NikkiFuego , currently not sync’d to the system.
Once uploaded I’ll have a look~

one second, not sure what I’ve done wrong

reuploaded everything

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Just having a look on male the hip alignment is slightly off + weighting. @NikkiFuego
When running it separates from the body a bit. Super minor but let me know when it’s updated @jar0d ~

Michi, come on… have you seen what metazone wearables do? please… let me have this

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LOL, let me know when it’s updated and I’ll approve ~~~

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see you in 8 hours are so, you gatekeeper you. :wink:

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Why 8hrs? haha
Very specific~

Please @ me when you’re ready!

It was sleepy time in the states.

Nikki has fixed and I’ve Uploaded the correct new files (please let this be true, I really put in the effort) and we are ready for the @michi approval. I imagine you are now sleeping, so no rush :smiley:

All approved, thank you~

Thank you!

@michi I just resubmitted because when taking a photo in front of a neon background doing the shrug I noticed a slight gap in the hand on the male model.

I also used the jpeg I was sent and not the auto generated one…

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Thanks, that’s approved again~

Sorry @michi not sure the process when submitting a small change, but I updated the jpeg. (I also updated the jpeg on your two shirts)

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

That should be ok now~