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FITCHIN Communities Party

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BoaxTTV Lev Beanie

Furious Jersey

Giants Jersey

KRU Shirt

Leviatan Shirt

KUN Hat-trick

Manutegaming Backpack



Hi! I will check collection now

remove hair from replaces list

  • add eyewear to hiding list

kun hat-trick:

  • add something above head, to match top_head category
  • thumbnail should have transparent background
  • limit is 500 triangles
  • model is not attached to skeleton

manutegaming backpack:

  • add earring, to match earring category
  • thumbnail should have transparent background
  • limit is 500 triangles
  • model is not attached to skeleton

fitchin jetpack:

  • add helmet to match helmet category
  • thumbnail should have trasnparent background
  • model is not attached to skeleton


  • static pets are not allowed, recommend you to reduce size of pet and attach to leg or shoulder or on top of hair (like pet hugs your leg, or like pet stay on your shoulder, or like pet stay / sit on your hair)
  • to match tiara category, add tiara model
  • limit for tiara category is 500 triangles (unless you will add 1-2 additional categories to hiding list)

Thank you. Will make the changes and revert!

Hi! i have a few questions regarding your review:

I dont know why we shouldnt hide the hair because otherwise it will obviously clip through the beanie right? Maybe trying to select “Hide” hair not “replace” hair is the right thing?

Kun hat trick:
The “meta cat” has also the category tophead and is approved : MetaCat - Decentraland Marketplace
Why cant we do it like this one?

Manute Backpack:
There is no category for backpack so we put it in a diffrent one. I think it wouldnt be fitting to add earrings to it. From what ive seen people add their backpack to a t-shirt/upper body and sell the whole upperbody with shirt and backpack. We could do that, or try to also put it to “top_head” as its the only category that doesnt override any other wearables. Is that possible?

Fitchin Jetpack:
Same thing as the manute backpack.

which category would be best to put here? We dont want to add any earrings/tiaras etc. to the pet.

Beanie: it’s already set as hair category, you don’t need hide hair because it will hide itself.

Kim hat: sorry, my bad, I think is ok then

What about other things, sorry, but you will need to do fix for them, that’s the rules :man_shrugging:

Backpack: the best way will be to use it as upper_body, if you will select top_head category, you will need to add model on top of head, to match category. The same with pet, the same with jetpack

i see, thank you!

the beanie could be set as hat category tho, that would make more sense right?

Yes, but you will need to add hair to hiding category

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@theankou just changed the configuration for the beanie

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi @theankou all the changes have been made. Please let me know if there is anything else we should change. Cheers

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jetpack, add this categories to hiding list:

  • earring
  • mask
  • eyewear
  • hat
  • facial hair
  • tiara

doesnt work in-game

backpack, add this categories to hiding list:

  • earring

doesnt work in-game



also, you will need to send IP rights to for logos, names and other stuff

Hi @theankou we are currently working on the changes. Do you have any ideas on how to make the jetpack and the backpack work in-game? Cheers!

Or, if you dont know how to fix this, can you at least know how to reproduce this bug? If you upload it to the builder everything looks fine and works properly.

builder works a bit different way than in-game engine
you will need to figure out whats wrong with skeleton \ weight painting to solve this issue, also, make sure to delete all bones with _end suffix

thanks for the help, your comment was very useful

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@theankou all the changes have been made and the email has also been sent. Thank you for your help and please let me know if there is anything else.

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Hi! I’ve got news about IP rights and all is OK
Hoverwer, there are few issues left

socks overlaps with standard legs on female (male is fine)

this is last issue, let me know when you will push update
collection itself is approved, but if you won’t push socks update in near days, then i’ll disable collection

Hi! I just pushed the update. Let me know if there is anything else :slight_smile:

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collection re-approved!

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