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First Merch

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Black Tshirt Tin-Tin Tatoos


Write me for questions :slight_smile:

this is a really cool idea! haven’t seen anything like it yet cant wait to get ahold of one.

If you are a curator let us know if you need some changes done ?

hello there @Tin-Tin-Tattoos-web3 the wearables seem ready to go however before approving I have to ask just in case some of the tattoos of the thumbnail aren’t visible on the wearables

is this on purpose, if its so please change the thumbnail to some one more similar to the wearable let me know and I will approve this wearable right away. If not I want to let you know so that you can change it

Thank you for noticing, i changed the thumbnail so it’s more accurate.

I have another tattooed avatar design in review that i corrected so it’s also ready for validation :

We love our curators :pray: Keep up the good work!

thanks a lot for the quick response will approve the wearable today

We didn’t see the mistake in the tittle “tatoo” when it should be “tattoo”. If i resubmit to correct, will it be faster to get validated again ?

if its the name of the wearable yes, if its the name of the collection I’m afraid to say that no its not possible to change it

i corrected the wearable title and resubmitted changes.

Thanks I will have a look at it today

Hello, could you give me an update on this topic, i need the merch for the event ! :slight_smile: