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First Earrings

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Special Snowflake #1

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These are super beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Taking a look at these :slight_smile:

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Hi BaroquePlusPlus,

I took a look and it looks like the UVs are trim to the plan card which means we’re seeing some lines from a distance based on mipmapping;


(See the white lines)

The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to give enough buffer between the UV island and the edge of the texture (In this case, just shrink the UV island a little bit :slight_smile: )

Once it’s been updated I can approve, many thanks!

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Sorry for the slow response. Let me fix that real quick.

Thanks for your help. I modified the GLB to fix the texturing. Would you please review?

@SteveScott Hey, can you add me on Discord because there are a couple of issues I can help fix faster over DM’s, many thanks!


I changed the model from a box to a 2d face with backface. This should eliminate artifacts and reduce geometry. Would you please review for me? Thank you!

@Malloy Just a ping to let you know I have resubmitted.

the texture looks so real :open_mouth:

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@SteveScott Approved!

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I just submitted a revision. The right earring was attached to the neck, no the head. Now both earrings are attached to the head.