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Firearms of Glory

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Mana Cannon

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Hey checking this out now!

Cool stuff! Nice wearable. Just a few small things.

  • Could you make sure the thumbnail is transparent so the blue BG isn’t baked in.

  • Is it possible to make the thumbnail colour more accurate to what the colour looks like in game? The item glows green in game but looks blue in the thumbnail. See screenshot


  • Could you also feature the earring in the thumbnail so it makes more sense to be in the earring slot.


This thing is nuts I love it

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: have updated the thumbnail to reflect those changes.

There was also a rig change on my other item “sword of truth” if that could be looked at anypoint :slight_smile: many thanks!

@grimey any update on this? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. Apologies for not catching this earlier - But the triangle limit for an earring is 500. You’re quite a bit over this limit even though the model looks great. Would you be able to switch this to a top head or another larger slot. An alternative would also be to hide some other accessory slots when this is equipped.

Sorry for the hassle. Let me know how you’d like to proceed. Cheers!

@grimey no worries didn’t realise, thought they were all 1500 :slight_smile: I’ve switched it to top head just now and set to hide earrings so the earring can still be used. Is that alright?

@grimey sorry to nudge you again! Is this good to go? :slightly_smiling_face: updated to top head category.

Heya. Thanks for the update! Unfortunately the same logic of the earring slot applies to the top head slot. There’ll need to be some thing in the wearable that sits near the top of the avatars head if you use the top head slot. It would also require the thumbnail updated to represent the top_head item. Sorry for not making that clear that in my previous post.

I’ve DMed you my discord so we can get this sorted out and approved as quickly as possible.