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Tyson Tattoo


This one should actually be interesting. I’m pretty sure people have been sued in the past for using Mike Tyson’s actual tattoo in movies.


Thanks for raising your concerns! I read the lawsuit about that case and similar cases and will give you my thoughts:

Even in the case of the Myke Tyson lawsuit, Warner Bros. Pictures has not been found guilty for using the tattoo as a parody in the Hangover Movie. The plaintiff were eager to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Using the tattoo as inspiration for a replica in a virtual world like decentraland on the face of a digital avatar can be obviously seen as a parody.

The tattoo is no copy but it’s a low-poly self-production that was built from scratch completely. It wouldn’t be possible create an exact copy due to the limits of Tris per accessory.
As a result, this self-produced low-poly tattoo has significant modifications compared to the original tattoo pattern.

Idk it looks pretty identical to his actual tattoo design. If there were changes made I don’t really see them.


What are you thoughts @Lauretta am I reaching?

it’s true that the tattoo it’s the same I’m going to tag @Malloy in this one since I believe this one can have copy right issues

@Malloy In case that the approval is not possible due to the mentioned copy right concerns, please let me know.
I worked on a modified version over the last days and I have it ready.

@Malloy, @Lauretta
I changed the tattoo pattern now proactively because I want to make sure that we do not have any issues with this design now or later. I modified the wearable so that it has some unique characteristics now as you can see in the comparison below.

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@Lauretta do you have any update here?

I believe this one still need som modification because I couldnt apprciate the difference unless you point them

@Lauretta I made some additional modifications. Before I finalize the weighting, I wanted to know if that looks fine for you? :slight_smile:

Yeah I would say so solve the rigging problems and I will approve it

@Lauretta Great, the file is updated.

nice will have a look at it today

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@Lauretta is everything okay with the file? :slight_smile: