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Female Representation Hosts

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CasinoHostVest Red female

CasinoHostVest Yellow female

CasinoHostTrousers female

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Hey there! At the moment these wearables only apply to female representations, you may want to add male representations too.

Also you may want to adjust shoulder vertices to be weighted to the arm in order to not have this kind of behavior.

Hey guys,

this is the second part of the collection, I have already uploaded the male representation in our Aquarium Hosts Collection… These will only work on female avatars, please let me know if everything is alright.


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Hey @4skin, so you are going two have two separate collections, not a collection with two representations.
Also seems the arm issue was not solved.
If you are ok and want to keep the items as they are, please let me know and we will go forward.
Thank you

Hey vrglitch,

Appreciate you coming back so fast about this. Please allow the female representation through. I understand it’s another collection but it doesn’t really matter because we are keeping them internally. Let me know thanks! Again appreciate all the help.


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Approved. Thank you!