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FACE series by Anthony Sims

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FACE T-Shirt

FACE Black Beanie

FACE Hi-Tops

FACE Red Beanie


Yo I own this logo. It is my brand my twitter is @asimsart and my OpenSea is verified with my name anthonysims.eth. Thank you

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All these wearables have 2 textures except the beanie that has one.

Texture 1: Base Colour
Texture 2: Glow/Emission

I didn’t see any clipping issues but happy to update if there are any :slight_smile:
Kicks have been updated with logo removed~


Bump for approval please :raised_hands:


Cromulons got aprooved in 5 days, can the gate keepers look at this one too!

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Today is one week! Let me know if there is anything that needs work. My email is and my website is You can google me too! Just search “Anthony Sims” or “Anthony Sims artist.” I have done 85 ETH in sales just this year for 27 of my NFTs with my highest sell being 24.25 ETH. I am established in both the crypto space and irl looking to further my position in DCL. I own 7 parcels under this address and my museum owns 2 parcels as well. Thank you for your time.

Thanks @asimsart! Your collection has been approved .

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Thank you for that~ :cloud:

@michi Thanks for your help!

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Hello @vrglitch @HirotoKai ,
Can I request this is rejected so @asimsart can update with most current GLB.
Currently the shoes are transparent~

Hi Michi, just chiming in here because I purchased the FACE Hi-Tops shoes last night and noticed that the normals are flipped on one of the sneaks ~ probably just got mirrored, but would be good to fix. Seems like you’re already well aware, so this is a bump for ya! :smiley:

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Thanks :pray:
I also updated the glow to be stronger and on the base of the shoes, for some reason really dull after the update haha

@ any committee if you can drop a screenshot of it in world before approval, that would be much appreciated

Anyway we could be approved for the update on the shoes?

Yeah, I noticed the glow got weaker overall and I’m trying to update my wearables as well.

On the ‘screenshot of it in world before approval’ note, you can actually do that on your own by testing on the Ether Ropsten test network. In the Builder, click on your collection, then the three dots icon, and then select See In World. You just need to switch to the test network to properly login.

I would love to have access to testing on Ropsten but it doesn’t work for me haha
When I go in it always comes up with an error saying “there was an issue loading your wearables”. If you know a way for me to fix that, it would change my life haha

Atm I send to my friend to test when I’m super unsure. :cold_sweat:

Collection rejected, you should be able to make changes. @michi

Ayo so I believe the shoes are now fixed

Bump to get this collection closed/approved please lol

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Bump to get this collection closed/approved

Can we get the collection approved again please? Thank you

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