Collection 'FACE Electric Series V.2' created by AnthonySims is ready for review!

FACE Electric Series V.2

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Electric Eyes

Electric Dress

Electric Heels


If there is anything we need to change or add please let us know! Thank you

I also dropped this collection today @vrglitch

Hey DCL friends,
I worked on this collection so happy to answer any questions~

Eyes have 2 textures:
#1: Base UV/Transparency
#2: Emission Glow

Dress has both Male and Female versions, 2 textures + AvatarSkin:
#1: BaseUV
#2: Glow/Transparency

Boots/Heels have just 1 texture which is the Glow~

Thank you! :cloud:

Hey @michi and @asimsart ,

You may want to fix those unweighted vertices and shoe’s flipped normals.


Let me know when you are ready.

Thank you

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Hey @vrglitch I have uploaded the updated files

Great! Please try to fix thence details.
On the back seems to have a hole .

Shoes are clipping with the dress.
I think it would look better with legs, wdyt?


Dress has been updated!

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Looking much better, do you want to fix thence weighting issues?

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I believe the weighting is now corrected @vrglitch

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Anything else you think we should edit or do you think we are good to go? @vrglitch

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Hey!! still having lot of weighting issues on both representations

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I have updated the dress again! thank you

images of the updates

Hey VR, just talking through some of the changes!
I’ve updated the dress to be more of a bottle shape to prevent any glitchyness and also kept it to ankles (rather than full legs) on the female due to there not being a good work around the knees coming out of the dress. It’s only when jumping and this is something I think to keep it at it’s best quality, I really hope thats ok?
I’ve also thickened the dress to ensure faces can been seen when jumping rather than a single plane outer.

The male version I’ve updated just some weighting on the back and proper face orientation! Thank you so much for your feedback, we’ve been able to improve the design for everyone to enjoy. :slight_smile: :cloud:

Thank you <3

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Nice work!!! looking much better.

  • Left leg is having some clipping issues.

If you can do the same as female representation will look much better.

Have a great day!

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Okay dress has more weight and legs are fixed on the male version. I tested in Ropsten and it should be ready to go - thank you so much for taking the time and working with us on this @vrglitch

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Bump for approval please :cloud:

Let me know if you want to fix female representation.
Having some clipping issues while walking.

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Hey @vrglitch Im cool with approving the dress if it works for you! Thank you so much for all the help

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