Collection 'FACE Electric Series' created by AnthonySims is ready for review!

FACE Electric Series

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Electric Beanie

Electric Pants

Electric Shirt

Electric Shoes

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If there is anything we need to change or add please let us know! Thank you.

Hey @vrglitch could you review this collection as well as the other one I dropped today? Thank you <3

Hey DCL friends,
I worked on this collection so will be making any updates.

Beanie has 2 textures + Hair Mat:
#1: Base UV 500x500
#2: Glow/Transparency

Electric Pants is just 1 texture:
#1: Glow/Transparency

Shirt is just one + Avatar skin M but says 3 lol
#1: Glow/Transparency

Shoes are 1 textures:
#1: Emission Glow

Thank you!

Awesome work. Everything looking good.
You may want to fix this vertex, seems to be weighted to the leg or something else

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Ayo @vrglitch this issue should be resolved as well

Collection approved, thank you!

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