Collection 'Explorer-Black Edition' created by fudzero is ready for review!

Explorer-Black Edition

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Will check this now!

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Thank you ser :slight_smile:

We ve mostly just revised the textures from the original wearable.

Thanks to @Oble ofc :slight_smile:

Hey, does it say “under review” on the collection page? Cant seem to find it on the builder…

Holy Moly. I’m seeing the PUBLISH button again.

The 300 mana is gone too :frowning:

Any suggestions @Yannakis ?

Dont click it just yet let me check in with the devs!

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Thank you ser :slight_smile:

Cant afford to click it either :stuck_out_tongue:

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Issue solved and collection approved! Thank you for your patience!


The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

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Thank you so much ser.

Life saver, truly :slight_smile:

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