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EX ROYALTY - White Leather Hat

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EX ROYALTY - White Leather Hat


This looks amazing! Love the Alligator skin look! If this works well in game then “Hat’s” off to you! Lol, pun intended!! Hahah! Cheers! Good luck!

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cool!! reminds me of luffy hat haha

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I love the pun, thank you

You may want to optimize your model to be within the triangle count and texture limits

  • 1500 tris per wearable
  • 500 tris per accessory
  • 2 square textures of 512x512px (or lower) per wearable

Thank you

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thank you for the heads up, I have remodeled the whole hat and reduced the tris to 1000


Gucci Hat Model (White)” by Noelle A. is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution . used under [CC BY] /used textures but resized them from original

Great work!, seems it has some transparency issues, please check your textures and test it in world :wink: .

Also please check the amount of textures you are using. Should be two max.

Thank you!

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Thank you for the heads up, It should be all fixed now, my normals were flipped. as for the texture, i only have 2 textures in the model, the issue was that I had the image texture node connected in 2 places, I didn’t need it connected to the alpha, I’m leaving this here just in case someone runs into the same problem.

Approved, Thank you.

Hello, the gold band is missing in the game, it was working fine as of 4 days ago, but 2 or 3 days ago, the gold band went missing, also, I noticed people’s skin tones were changing and their emotes were glitchy in the world. was there an update to the game that caused this to happen? any thoughts on why that is happening?

its back to normal today

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The team is working on this. Thank you!