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Enyo Robot Collection

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Enyo Robot Head

Enyo Robot Body

Enyo Robot Boots

Enyo Robot Legs

nice collection, i will review it now

Hi could you reduce the tris on the body and head. if you could get to 1.5k that’d be great!

Hi Sango, thank you so much for reply.
I made the changes, how should I proceed with uploading of updates items?
Should we pay the fee again?

no need to repay the fee. i will continue with my review now you have fixed that :slight_smile:

is there anything that you can do about this clipping?

Hi. Sorry for delay. I hope this week I will send the updates for your request. Thank you for patience and wish you a good day

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Hi. All was edited, could you check it please?
Also, we have an additional avatar build from 1 wearable, could we upload it as 1 item?
Also, could we find out which are the limits of the polygons if the avatar is just 1 item?

Thank you so much

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Hello there, i purposely just created this account because i see some injustice here, regarding this curation system. I am not affiliated with them, nor a friend, i just want to give a comparison on how these limits are treated by this curation system. I saw Malloy’s Vogu helmet collection, and all his helmets are in the range of 3900-4000+ triangles, how come that was approved?, while this entry is being asked for helmet changes. Guidelines should apply to all, not just to specific creators or curators. If you break the rules, then break them for all, and leave space for kindness. I am following forum guidelines with this post, giving constructive criticism regarding this curation system idea, “not peoples”.

with the helmet you can hide other accessories to raise tri limit. no injustice at all :wink:

still; clipping on male and now theres no female representation for the upper and lower body

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Hi Sango, thank you for reply.
From the beginning we plan this to be a robot head, so basically it doesn’t need any additional accessories for head. I hope you accept and understand our idea.
About second comment - we will edit it right away.

Thank you and hope for your understanding.

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Hi Sango, hope you are well.
We have done this corrections.

Also, did you check our last reply about the idea of this collection of wearables?
Thank you and have a good day

theres only the feet available for the female version, could you remove this or add the rest to the female version?

theres also a gap between upper and lower body

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Hi Sango, hope you are well.

We have done the required changes. Is there anything else we need to proceed with?

Thank you

I will take a look and let you know shortly

some clipping on the orange dangling parts when walking

There is also a gap between the torso skin and the orange top, this can be fixed by clicking both verts that are overlapping and pressing M in blender to merge them into one

there is also some clipping on the boots

Hi @Sango
We have done some changes from the request. Also we’ve changed the previous wearables to new ones as you can see and the robot wearables will be our next project.
Thank you for the support

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bit of a gap in the hoody

straps are still clipping also

and a shading error at the ankle