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EnterDAO Hoodie

The collection has been assigned to Sango

hey the front on the female version is clipping

Hey Sango! Thanks for the quick response.
We have updated the female representation and tested it. Let me know if I have another action.

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Hey @Sango

Coming back to this. Let me know if I have any further actions.

hey theres some weighting issues on the female and male model

When importing the base mesh/armature, did you select the “ignore leaf bones” option?

Thanks for the input @Sango.
We haven’t done that unfortunately. Do you think there is a possibility for a fix as part of the export process?

you will need to do that to import a new armature, then delete the old armature. After doing that select the wearable then the new armature and press ctrl+p and then select “armature deform- with Empty groups”.

Now you are able to export as .glb and replace the current model files and it should be good

In the meantime we updated the glbs going through the following process:

  1. Exported the current model as FBX again and deselect the “Add Leaf Bones” option
  2. Then on a new file I’ve imported the new FBX and select the “Ignore Leaf Bones” option (as shown in your screenshot)
  3. Retextured the new Wearable and exported it as GLB

Any chance that might work?

yes that could work, upload it and ill check it over

they are updated @Sango
Thanks so much for the rapid responses :slight_smile:

This collection has been approved

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