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Enfrentar a los muertos

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Cara de los muertos

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, can you please make the thumbnail transparent?
Also move these from replace to hide and dont include the mask tag

Hi @Yannakis We are not able to see these options in the Hides Select drop down?

Hi @Yannakis are you able to see the mask in the link to editor preview? We have had feedback on other wearables that they don’t seem to be visible in game.

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They are not visible in game. I believe its because you have these in replace. You have to remove them from replace first in order to see them under hide

Hi @Yannakis Thanks for your feedback. We have now added the transparent thumbnail and switched from replace to hide. Can you have another go at it?

Looks good! Please also add facial hair to hide, let me know and ill approve asap!

Awesome. Facial hair has been added to hide now. Thanks for your quick response.

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Collection approved!