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Enchanted Scythe By Ahmad

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Enchanted Scythe

Please review and approve thnx :slight_smile:

can you go onto this item in the builder editor to make the system push it back through. its not on the curation list yet and this will fix it

@Sango should be fixed now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

can you lower the triangles to 500 if using the earring category and make the earrings take up 50% of the thumbnail please?

is there any other category with more tris limit earring is not the main focus as you can see

helmet, upper/lowerbody, feet but they will need geometry in those areas too to pass in the category

@Sango I got it down to 550 tris and i also updated the thumbnail with the earring more visible please have a look!

could you work on the syth clipping with the head?

That’s literally the problem with all the swords and axe stuff that is held in hand if I reduce the length of scythe handle it will not look like a scythe anymore
Can we keep it like this?
Will really appreciate it Thnx :smiley: @Sango

@Sango Looking forward

maybe if you try move the hand up the syth a bit it will make it so it doesnt clip?

I can try no problem
Will let you know

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@Sango I have reduced the clipping as much as possible please approve

Hi please review at your earliest convenience thnx

This collection has been approved

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