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Sweet Star


Cat Epaulette

Broken Heart


Wearable emotes!!! That is an interesting idea … I cant wait to see what the DAO committee has to say.


Thx. This is our first set of work. Hope the community would like it.

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Good idea, I must buy :broken_heart:to wear on my body.

Hello @J.A.W.S Few things! I see that the broken heart wearable does not show up.

Second I notice that the wearables are not paired to the bones of the wearables so they only stay in place! Please weight these to the bones so they move with the character.

Lastly I noticed that there are too many Materials. Please make sure to only use 2 textures/materials per wearable please. Once these are done please @ me here again and i will take a second look:)

star is so cute, I love it~~~~

Hi @HirotoKai , thanks for all the suggestions.
I have made several modifications accordingly.
Hopefully, they are better know. Please take a second look.

let me give it a look:)

Thank you approved!!! :slight_smile:

I’m so into this heart!

That’s great~ Thanks

Just pushed a tiny change on the cat.

The cat is sitting on the shoulder near the earring.
So its category has been changed from top_head to earring, together with a change in the description.

@HirotoKai Pls take a look

This cat looks so dope! :heart_eyes:

Sorry about that @J.A.W.S Just seeing this now! Will take a look thank you for your patience!

@J.A.W.S Hey! So after taking a look if it was in the earring category the earrings would need to be about 60% of the thumbnail so the category was not misleading! If it stays in the top of head section it will be fine but if you would like it in the earring category the earrings need to be the focus in the thumbnail! after that just tag me here and i’ll take another look!

The thumbnail has been updated! @HirotoKai

Im still getting the same thumbnail!
Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 9.29.30 AM

How about now? @HirotoKai
It is okay on my side
截屏2022-04-23 01.34.17

Thank you approved! :slight_smile: