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Elyn - LG

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Elyns - LolyD & Galinho

  • Description: Elyn race - Sheep & Chicken / Tintable skin and hair
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: skin

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hey, I’ll review this now~

Super cute and interesting choice in panties… Makes me wonder what the roster is wearing :sweat_smile:

This is approved~



hahahahah, thanks michi! :joy:
Don’t worry, next time we will make the male character more sexy.

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Hi again @michi
Can you check the wearable again pls? I made some corrections:
-A triangle had the wrong material;
-changed some pixels on the thumbnail xD;
-fixed the vertex group of the female character. It was weird on the marketplace render. (thanks @Doki )
Im sorry to make you review it again, my bad :disappointed:

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haha no stress, I’m same~
That’s approved again!

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