Collection 'Elite Apes BAYC Collection 1' created by 0xcfd7...fcdef is ready for review!

Elite Apes BAYC Collection 1

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BAYC UnShaven NormalEyes

BAYC Captain RedEyes

Hi! I will check this collection

Thank you! @theankou

Our member does have the BAYC related to these traits, and said that they have been granted with full rights to use it for any case.


Hey @gossapegirl, head needs to be removed from replaces and needs to be added to hiding list, also remove helmet and top_head from hiding list

add this categories to hiding list:

  • hat
  • mask
  • tiara
  • eyewear
  • earring

you will need to provide ip rights to team and when i’ll receive response from them, that all good with ip rights, i’ll be able to approve collection

Hi Theankou,

Changes already made, for the ip rights which document do you need?

proof of NFT ownership and Legal T&C of Yuga Labs should do it ?

I don’t know what exactly is needed, you should contact for more info

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi! IP rights is OK
add head to hiding list for ape with hat

Hello Theankou!

Already did the changes!

Thank you!

collection approved!

Hello @theankou,

trying to mint these items but an error message appeared, can we know why ?


i tried sending by switching to polygon, it cost me 0.5e to mint 2 items.