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El Toro

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Taking a look at this now!

Hey there! Pretty cool!
Unfortunatelly there is no category for “watch” at the moment.
You need to do an upper body or other “main”asset and put the watch as an addon of that asset.

Let me know when you update!


This has been updated with the new model for the female version

Hey @blnk2 ! Cool!

  • you should fix the female representation if you plan to have this unisex
  • the max amount of textures allowed is 2, you are using 3, please fix it

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This has been updated!

There are only 2 textures, not sure why it’s showing up as 3

Hey @blnk2 !
The rig is fine for both version now!
You have 3 textures because you are using: diffuse + emissive + avatar skin textures.
I would try to bake the emissive into the diffuse map.

Hello, this has been updated!

@blnk2 dope! Approved!

Thank you! I just minted 20 pieces to a few different wallets and I’m not seeing them pop up in their Opensea accounts. Does that take some time?

The avatar skin textures have always been considered a “free” texture. The two-texture limit has applied only to custom textures since day 1.
Has this changed in the past few days?

Hey! I can’t access my collection to change the description and profile photo. Do you know how I can get access to the default collection it setup? It’s not showing up under my “collections” on Opensea and I can’t access it. I’m using the same wallet to access the Opensea listing-

I’ve been talking about this with the other curatoion members, and yes we are def goin in this direction.
2 + skin text will be fine.

@blnk2 I’m gonna need to disable your collection in order to let you update thumbnail and description.
I will disable it now. Update it and let me know once you are done.

Hey! I updated the description but I want to access the collection on Opensea and edit the name and how it’s showing up there. Would like to add a profile photo, header add a description to the collection and edit the collection name but because it’s not showing up in my collections on Opensea, I can’t access it to change. See photos attached. @fabeeobreen

You can mint the wearables into your address.
Then you are going to see the wearables under the opensea “hidden” tab.
From here you can list them on the opensea market.

As i know you can’t edit the auto-generated wearables collection within opensea.
Nor you can’t change the name once it’s minted.

Got it, so mint the 21 pieces to my own address. Then create a collection there and move them into that, then I can edit the name and collection photo etc? Then I would transfer them to the addresses I’d like and they wouldn’t be hidden + would connect to a collection on my account? @fabeeobreen

evrytime you transfer an nft on using the polygon networks it goes under the “hidden” tab.
this is for protecting from spam.

As i know you will not be able to change the opensea collection photo, related to the wearables.
It’s just not an option

collection enabled again