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EggHeadz OG Merch

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EGHZ Black Sweater

EGHZ Black Cap

Hi! Will check collection soon :slightly_smiling_face:

  • female version of hoodie requires some adjustments

  • hair color can’t be changed, can you rename hair material to AvatarHair_MAT, please? :sweat_smile:

Hi there, in builder it still says under review, do i have to action the above feedback and resubmit the collection? i just found this page after searching for an update on the colleciton approval (I was the one who submitted the above collection.

Can someone advise next steps? do I have to upload another collection?


Hi! Yes, you will need to do fixes for things that i listed, after that you will need to re-upload models in builder (for current collection, for free, you don’t need to create and publish new collection)

Once you will push updates tag @theankou me here and i will check collection and if all OK collection will be approved! thank you!

@theankou We have made those changes now and resubmitted, all should be ok? please let me know. Many thanks again for your help.

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  • bottom part of hoodie should be weight painted to 1 to hip bone

  • there is a hole on cap inside, can you close it or add some thickness?

@theankou Should all be good now, can you please take another look so we can proceed?

Many thanks

Hi! Cap is OK, what about pants looks like nothing changed :frowning:
Issue still here for both avatars

@theankou thanks for your help, new version of the sweater uploaded now, we have tested all the animations available in the builder for both male and female avatars, all looks good from here. Thanks

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Checking collection now!

collection approved!