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Egg Suit Pyjama

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Egg Pyjamas Bottom

Egg Pyjamas Top

Will review this collection soon!

Make sure the connecting part is only weighted to hips bone!

Hi, I’ve fixed the weighting issue on the female representation. Should look fine now.

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Hey, lower body still neds some weighting and adjustment. Make sure the connecting part is only weighted to the hips bone. Also is it intentional to only have these for female? Please tag me when you respond or else I don’t get a notification!

@Yannakis Hey I think it’s fixed properly. There is supposed to be a male representation yes. I managed to upload the male version for the upper body but the editor doesnt give me an option to add a male representation for the lower body. Is it because the collection has already been submitted? Thanks

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No make sure you upload the female and then click on the 3 dots on top right and select “add male representation

@Yannakis Yeah I know, it’s just those 3 dots aren’t appearing when I click the item in the collection. Attached image to show

Try doing it from here.

@Yannakis Ah Thank you, that worked. Could you check both versions now? Hopefully they’re both fine and they can be approved soon. Thanks!

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Still need some weighting… Let me know if you need help!


@Yannakis Sorry about that. I think the weighting on the male representation should be okay now. Thanks

Works but theres only a male version now

@Yannakis Sorry the builder is confusing in that everytime you upload a new version of either male or female it seemingly deletes the other. Really annoying, is it okay now?

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Hey still same issue! Check this guide i put together and let me know if it helps.


Okay so now it says male and female under representationm this should work correct? I can confirm in the editor its switching between the two

Looks great, collection approved!