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DWISS M3W Reverse panda

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Hey, looks like the earring is weighted to the neck bone. Make sure to weight it to head and lmk!

really? very strange, I made all the tests on the editor, like dancing, clapping, etc… I’ll check, correct and get back to you. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Just weighted 100% to the head and 0% to other parts… But is not 100%, hope is ok in anycase, if not can you help me to understand what to do? Thanks,

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Still same… are you sure that its 0% for rest?>

yeap… sure.
Don’t know where I made a mistake, check these examples:

Just checked the model and its also slightly weighted to the left arm bone. Make sure to remove that weighting and it should work!

I triple checked and was not enough, you solved it! THANK YOU! looks good now! Looking forward to see it live :slight_smile:

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Collection approved!