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**DripPunk **


Hey! This looks cool, for some reason the hair isn’t showing in the backpack avatar preview. You might want to check it’s using the same hair material as other items and that the name hasn’t been edited. If not it could be related to normals or transparency settings.


Fixed. Your item has been approved. Thank you


Man how can we thank you and what was wrong?! So amazing, we were having so many issues with the builder and blender and all the stuff… So stoked to see it in VR!! :smiley:

Where can we download the actual .glb file now? Cause we realy want to learn from this whole episode…


Looks like it was a problem with how the textures were being rendered, it was affecting several wearables. Everything should be working fine now.
As far as I know there is no way to download it, it should be the same model you have uploaded.
Thank you!

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Damn man how to thank you??

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Hello Kat and Co!
i hope u doing well.
we just uploaded some Changes for our DripPunk i hope u enjoy it and can Review it soon as Possible
Mfg DripWear & RuffOr

@michi @Yannakis Hello hahah i think now i tagged the right ones <3 :smiley:

I’ll have a look at this ~

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Very cool, this will look good with the new hair update~

Just approved

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Wow yeah thx alot. the update come at thr right time :smiley:
have a nice day and till next time :blue_heart:

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