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DragonCity 2022-To da moon

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Bad Bunny

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey! Model seems to big, can you reduce size please?

Hi theankou! Thanks for the advice, I have corrected the size of the model, hopefully this will work :yum:

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looks better now, but i think it’s still too big, when i jump ears still hiding …
also emote headexplode…

Hi, I tried to shrink the head again, as well as adjusting the length of the ears, hopefully it really helps, maybe can’t keep shrinking it after that, I’m afraid it will cause serious weighting problems :melting_face:

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i think if you will assign head weights to neck or spine2 bone, issue will be solved :slight_smile:
also add this categories to hiding list:

  • mask
  • eyewear
  • tiara
  • earring
  • hat
  • helmet

I adjusted the head size again, and the body was changed to a thinner one, and the components have been hidden. The fat bunny has lost weight successfully. Please check again~ :disguised_face:

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well… hiding categories seems missing :frowning: also i think if you will assign whole head to spine2 or neck bone, that way will be better, currently head still explode tooooo big :slight_smile:

Ops! I overlooked that. Now that I made sure to hide it and assign the header all to spine2, the header should now not have a huge explosion.Please check again :slightly_smiling_face:

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i will take a look now :slight_smile:

collection approved!