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Dragon Kite

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Black Dragon Kite

Red Dragon Kite

Green Dragon Kite


OHHH nice! I want the red one! :heart_eyes:

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You got it my dude! As soon as these are approved I’ll send some out to all the homies :slight_smile: @DCLDating


like this a lot!!!

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Thank you @dogman Looking for approval @Lauretta ty :slight_smile:

nice kites, I will look at them and go back to you

@DOCTORdripp the collection looks really cool and I love it before approving thought would you mind telling me where did you get the dragon design? it is yours?

The dragon is a public icon from a free repository and holds no copyrights. Ty @Lauretta

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Nice, approve! I’m sorry for asking but you have to make sure with logos @DOCTORdripp

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Hi @Lauretta i’ve added ‘drip’ as a tag so that those searching for me can find this item too. Thank you.

done thanks for lettin me know

@Lauretta - sorry it didn’t post. I forgot to click push changes. SORRY >.<

done no problem at all

Hi @Lauretta - I’m receiving questions about the continued glitch in the texture of the Green and Red kites (not black). Any idea when the textures will return to full color? They are glitched white, along with some other items and have been this way for over a week now. Thanks

we can try to reupload those kites and see if that fix the issue, let me know if this works with you, but I believe if could be an error on loading

@Lauretta @Malloy - is there anyone else who might be able to escalate this issue? Other affected items which appear without the texture loaded include Quantum Fighter cloak, purple Weed Wings, and Volcanic Wear cape. It’s been awhile and is starting to affect sales for those of us with influenced wearables. I’ve had the GLB inspected by many top creators here and no one can find the issue. Thank you

@DOCTORdripp Im having the same issue with my crypto rich hoodie. It shows the design right in my editor but in the world it is adding “crypto” real big at the bottom. Has some kind of bug.

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I noticed this in game @Saldivar24

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Hi @Lauretta I’ve pushed changes through and am looking for an update to all 3 kites in this collection.
I’ve updated all of the glitched textures, and also added a perimeter glow.

Thank you for your time.


hey thanks for letting me now approved!