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Dragon Armlet

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**Dagon Armlet **

Hey, will review now.

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hey dear @AndreusAs , thank you for review :heart: :heart_eyes:

Consider making it an upperbody with a fixed upperbody design - thus you will be able to meet tech. requirements, as of now 1500+ polys for an accessory is just too much. Moreover, atm the “Tiara” category is misleading - there is no tiara in the design.

The other way around - adding a tiara and reducing the triangle amount to at least 800.


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can i reduce it under 1500 and use category of tiara?

It’s only 500 triangles for an acessory. Considering the model being not primitive in geometry, the limit can be extended to 800 in case of leaving it as Tiara.

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ok i reduce it to 800 triangles. thanks for guidance

Don’t forget to add an actual tiara desing, it can be really primitive. Just to make it right for the Tiara category.

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sure , i will add tiara on my design :pray:t6:

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hey dear @AndreusAs , I :heart: finished, can you review? thanks for your attentions

Collection approved!

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thank you @AndreusAs :pray:t6: