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Don’t Panic

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Don’t Panic Hoodie

Don’t Panic Head

Hi! WIll check collection soon :soon:

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi! Glass seems to be skinned to neck / top_head bone, is it intended? on /emote headexplode only kitten head is exploding

OK! Its updated! Can this get cleared quickly? I didn’t event know I had to have an account to see notices like this! If you dont have a forum account you cant get notices about issues…

Hey, thank you for update, i will check collection soon

Hey @michi i’m busy a bit, can you take a look please, <3

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Thanks @theankou ~

Hey @AmplifierOrg ,
Currently this is such a cool collection. Let me know your event date so we can get it approved asap!

With the models just check clipping on the hoodies and weighting around the hips

Other than that it’s good to go, let me or theankou know when you’ve updated and I can re-review~~~

I completely missed this because I dont think this connects to email in any way that lets me know what is happening…

I checked the exiting hoodie and there is no clipping.

Hey @AmplifierOrg i will check collection now

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add this categories to hiding list

  • earring
  • eyewear
  • facial hair
  • mask
  • tiara


hoodie overlaps with pants on some of classic emotes:

to fix this you should weight paint marked part to 1 to hip bone

Ah! Thank you for these! Ill get on that now