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DKNY Sneakers

DKNY White Dress

hi iwill check this now

could you start by sending proof of rights to use the DKNY IP to

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Theres quite a bit of clipping on the legs and waist when running


Also, the shoes are not working

Please check that there are no bones with “_end” in its name. you can delete these bones if you do have some and reexport to see if it works.

If you click your collection in the collections tab you will see this “see in world” button. you can click this to test your wearables in the game environment

Thanks @Sango will get this adjusted ASAP! Also have the consent letter from DKNY which I’ll be sending to legal

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Hey hey @Sango both wearables have been updated. Consent letter has also been shared with legal :slight_smile:

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good morning! let me know if the adjustments did the trick :slight_smile:

The right leg is still clipping through the dress.

shoes are working fine now

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Hey @Sango the dress has been updated and looks fine when looking in test world. Let me know if all is in order :slight_smile:

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This collection has been approved

Hey @Sango we had some reports of an opacity issue about midsection of the dress. We’ve made an amend and have resubmitted. Could you please have a look?

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Updates have been pushed