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DJTRAX Rage Skin

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hey the hands are clipping a bit with the hoodie, could you fix this?

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Thanks @Sango We updated a new version please let me know your thoughts.

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This collection has been approved

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Hey @Sango Hope you doing well,
Wanted to share that i’ve added a female version to DJTRAX skin as the female community requested from us.
Could you please review it?
Thanks in advance

sweet, could you add all the head accessories to the hide section.

Do you mean the top-head?

top head, eyewear, earring,tiara, hat, helmet and mask as with the shape of the head they will all clip

We do preffer not to hide the items as some items do fit the skin.
For example the DCL Dj equipment or wings top-head items looks perfect on top of the skin.
See below

@Sango let me know if it’s possible to leave it like that without hidding the items as it was before i added the female version.

could you leave top head and hide the rest?

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Sure, I’ve hidden Eyewear, Tiara, Mask, Hats & Helmet.
Left the Top head + Earing as some necklace do fit.

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@Sango we have fixed but left a few of the accessories available, I am able to combine so many accessories with the male version of this skin, it would be a bummer if I cant use those accessories after ive already used them for 2 months now

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Thank you This collection has been approved


Hey @Sango we just made a small change and we would like to unhide the Tiarra as many wings and other items are in that category and they do fit perfectly the skin.

Thanks in adavance.

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Please allow this change @Sango we originally had it like this when skin first dropped and had no issues with it.

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@collections is it possible to assign someone to this review? we’ve unhidden the Tiara items as we have some wings that do match it.

@Sango is it possible to get this re-approved before the festival? We have been waiting for 3 days now… I dont see how we can go from allowing the accessories before to having to have taken them away…

hi we have to make sure most of category fits for it to be approved without it hidden on a skin.

in this case none of the tiaras work with the model so it wont be able to be approved.

Ive already allowed for you to have the tophead unhidden but wont be able to add the tiara to the unhidden sets too, so if you could readd tiaras to the hide list then i can reapprove

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