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Cyber Clubber Jacket

Reviewing this now! :slight_smile:

Hello! So I have found some issues with your wearable if you could adjust them for me :slight_smile:

  1. The first issue we have is a clipping issue with the avatars hands going through the wearable like in the photo attached. This can be done by adjusting the waiting near the arms or adjusting the Vert’s near the arms.

  2. Ive noticed with the male avatar fist pump emote we have the pants slightly come through the back of the wearables! just needs to be slightly adjusted so we don’t see that clipping!

  3. Lastly when the Avatar walks or jumps we notice a small clipping issue that the leg comes through the wearable.

Once they have been updated just tag me here and i will review again :slight_smile:

Hi there, we have edited and updated, ready for your review.

Any update on this pls?

sorry about that checking now next time please @ me so i see it:)

@hipworth I see there is no female version now can you please make sure you upload that version and then @ me and will take another look!:slight_smile: