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Dionysus Helmet


This so cool, I would love this in multiple colours. Nice helmet Bro

Bro! This is awesome, I’d love this on a T-shirt. Can’t wait for the release

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Bro. This is awesome.Buying this as soon as it’s on the market.Great work

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Well thought and designed helmet, i like the extra touch to the rigging of the helmet which you’ll notice a slight movement to. Dionysus, the names Class. Want to see what more you guys bring out. Can’t wait till this is on the market.

Serious Helmet, love the vibrant colours, Very creative Nice work!!!

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Hi this looks like an ironman helmet asset put through a triangle reduction script. Sadly as it looks too much like Ironman’s helmet I can’t approve it at this time.

I’d say the colours are the same but the actual structure is different.

I understand where you’re coming from based on the colour palette, I think the differences are clearer once viewed on the avatar. The structure it’s self is different, I have the picture with it on the avatar beneath. I also think the angle it was initially presented at is also deceiving. Below are a side by side of my helmet and the ironman helmet. I would like to urge you to please, reconsider.


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I’ll bring it to the attention of the committee and get their consensus and get back to you, cheers!

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Thanks a lot Malloy. :sunglasses: So what are the steps going forward? in terms of getting from proposal → committee → ability to put the item on sale… :writing_hand:t5: LH

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This is hard can’t wait for the next collection has so much potential​:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Thanks :pray:t5: More :fire: to come

This is only the beginning :ok_hand:t5:

Good eye :eye:, lots more to come :fire:

@hook because of the suspicious composition of this head’s design (Looks like a model that has been modified using a script or 3D editor modifier but not the original state it was in etc…) Are you able to submit proof that you made this asset to

Thank you kindly!

Hi @Malloy thanks for getting back in touch with us. What files/documents would you require on your end? Let us know and we’ll send it asap.