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Digital Diamond NFTS by Mookie

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Decentraland Yacht Club Crown!

  • Description: Canary Yellow Diamond Top Crown (will not work with tall hair)
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Category: tiara

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New Thumbnail picture. Went all the way fancy on this one. DCL group on Reddit is very excited to see these on the market. Its just like the other Crown that you approved the other day. This one was very hard to do but we got it done. I hope that you like it!

@Lauretta @Malloy @vrglitch @SteveScott @Shibu @Chestnutbruze

Did anyone take a look at this?? Any feed back?

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@Lauretta Thanks for the feed back. Cant wait to see this on the market place! This is the one!

hey there will have a look today @mrmookie

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perfect approved @mrmookie

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Totally worth the wait! Thank you! You are amazing.