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Diamond Vision

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Diamond Vision - ICE

Diamond Vision - GOLD

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Hello checking this now!

Hello @TrickStar !
Can you please slightly reduce the emissive power for both glasses?
In-world the emission is much way stronger than the editor.
Also please update the thumbnails to be 512x512 px

Let me know when you are done :slight_smile:

@fabeeobreen is it different then in the test server? My other ones were the same as the test server.

Yes the test server is the correct visualization. Do you want to keep the emission as it is?

yes please, I wanted a high amount of glow on these. Should look like in the image. I am updating thumb now. )

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@TrickStar Ok then! :slight_smile:

@fabeeobreen Thumbnail updated! Yea I want them to work with other high glow items in world. Thanks for being so fast, wow!

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@TrickStar collection approved!

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@fabeeobreen Thank you thank you thank you!)

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@fabeeobreen Hi! I pushed some changes to the GOLD version of these. I adjusted slightly the emission to be a truer gold match to the other glowing gold items in DCL. I think buyers will be happier with them now. Thank you!)

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Hello @TrickStar collection enabled

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@fabeeobreen Thanks again!)

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