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Diamond Fangs Club

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Diamond Fangs Helmet

Diamond Fangs Hoodie

Diamond Fangs Pants

Diamond Fangs Sneakers


Hey team,
I worked on this collection so all the models have two textures:
Texture #1: Base colour
Texture#2: Glow Emissions (50%)

These are official Fang Gang wearables so logos are supplied from the artwork and logo IP is approved from the creator of this collection.

Please feel free to let me know of any feedback for this approval process.


Can confirm! Worked with Michi on creating these. All logo’s used are from our NFTs, made by us and supplied to Michi in order to create these wearables.


Lovely work, Michi! Cute as always.


Thank you! Cant wait to wear this set haha :wolf:


This looks like a really fresh collection


Hello! Can I get a committee member to allow this wearable to be updated.
Helmet fangs (hard to see) are transparent and the shoes are super transparent. @FangGangNFT have the newest GLB files but need to be able to edit.

I’m going to be updating a few wearables for this reason, is this the proper process for this?

@vrglitch @HirotoKai

Thank you! :pray:

rejecting now so you can update:)

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Amazing, thank you :fire:

Just updated the .glb files! Should be good to go again. Thank you!

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Is someone on the committee able to update this (just trying to prevent having to reject and re-approve) or does it have to be the owner:

Should look like this:

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It has to be by the owner I can not change any submitted collection that is not mine! If you need some help ping me on Discord!

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Can I request the collection be approved plz
Thank you so much! :pray:

Just bumping to close this collection plz

Hi, I have this item in my collection. but can’t seem to wear it… What happen?

This is also true for me also, a bunch of my wearables aren’t loading in my back pack including this collection. @HirotoKai @vrglitch is there something we can do to fix this or is it a temporary issue?

hey @michi! are still having this issue?

Yeah, can’t see anything from this collection in my backpack. A few people have messaged me with the same issue~ :man_shrugging:

It should be working now. Please let me know!

@vrglitch Could we know what caused this problem? :pray:t2: