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DG Suit

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DG Shades

DG Suit Pants

DG Dress Shoes

DG Blazer


Super cool! You may want to adjust the glasses thumbnail for clarity, in the thumbnail they are black and in world the female version is grey/black and the male version is yellow/gold.

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 14.17.19
You might want to check the normals around the shirt collar. The thumbnails are working correctly in world but not in the builder, would you mind re-uploading them so we can confirm all is well before publishing? Thanks!


ok so i just uploaded the thumbnail but the color some how is off. are you guys able to help me out w that or should i see if I can make the fix?

fixed :slight_smile: hahah so sorry about that

still waititng on the fixes on the collar, will message here when I get it

hey guys, the updated suit is uploaded

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