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DEXOU by xyz.lB

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DEXOU Ukraine Ski Suit by xyz.lB

Dexou 's Ski jacket

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hi i will review this now

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Dexous’s Ski Jacket needs adding to the armature i think


Hi thanks! Not sure what u mean here is how it looked in builder .can u b more precise🙏 What about the ski jacket?

okay did you add a custom thumbnail?

could you make them look more like how they do in game?

There are no female versions, is this okay?

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So both passed the test:)
I just did the thumbnails! Can u pls check? ! I am selling these as unique so no female versions. Thanks again! :pray::pray:

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small gap on the waist

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Tkx!:pray: anything else?

thats all i can see this time round

Thank you! I’ll fix it as soon as i get to my laptop !

Hey sango can u please send me the glb pls​:pray::pray:i seem to have lost my last version of it !

Sango hi! can u please have a look when u have time? .
I Worked on it it is much bettter , i even changed color hope to hear from u soon.! :pray::pray:

some clipping on the neck of the blue one that is more prominent when running~

and the other one has normals flipped

Thank you Sango! :pray::pray:Strange in builder it looks like normals r fine… i thought if it looks good in builder it’s fine in world. Seems i need to flip the back to the front? fixed the collar of the blue :slight_smile: will do a last check and send ! Again million thanks:)

You were right! I worked on both flipped the normals can u pls have a Look​:pray::pray:

still the same, please check in world as part of your workflow

Strange! This is how it looks in builder. Tried checking in world but when i login to ropstein collectible tab totally empty even thought my collectibles r showing on opensea. Check video by clicky link below​:pray::pray:
DEXOU X DCL look !

Did it!:fire: Can u pls check :pray:no don’tt i just discovered i need fixing sleeves.

Also checked inworld this one! Tkx for all your help and patience​:pray::pray:

I fixed the sleeves , both look great ! waiting for your feedback!

hole in the jacket

and still clipping on the neck on the blue one.

also now one is female only and one is male only