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DDAO21 Xmas Sweater

DDAO21 Xmas Epic Hat

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Hi All, it’s a gift for my DDAO member.

截圖 2021-12-22 上午12.01.50

Hope it could get approval!! Thanks!

@Malloy could you help? Thanks!

@dAAAb Hey, are you affiliated with DDAO?

Hi! Congrats! Nice wearable!
Is there any quest to win this item or just buying on marketplace?

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Hi!! Thanks for reply. I’m one of the founder of DDAO (dAAAb DAO)! Thanks for asking. We’re having Xmas party this week :smiley: Would like to send participant DL Wearable swag for them as gift :smile:
We have a funding project on Mirror. (Sorry it’s in Mandarin) $DDAO21 聖誕私人派對 @ SELF OASIS — Mirror

Welcome to support us via $DDAO21 聖誕私人派對 @ SELF OASIS — Mirror then you’ll get NFT, $DDAO21 token and DL wearable drop! :smiley:

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thank you so much!

@dAAAb I have approved :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for approving. I want to ask how can I edit profile pic and cover photo for the OpenSea collection page?