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DCL Report MetaMoment July 2022

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Freshly Minted Wings

  • Description: Commemorative Wearable from The DCL Report July 2022 MetaMoment
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: earring

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The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Hey, Awesome wearable! Just a couple of things to fix.

  • Please reduce the number of textures down to 2


  • If possible please alter the model so that the wings do not penetrate the head when running.


  • Could you please remove the character from the thumbnail so its more clear what is for sale. Some people have resolved this by using a mannequin looking avatar instead.

  • Since this is using the earring slot, you’ll need to feature the earing in the thumbnail too.


Edited and updated! Please let me know if anything else needed, eager to deliver this to my community!

Heya, thanks for the update!

  • It looks like the number of textures is still 3 instead of 2

  • Still getting some penetrations on the female run, please adjust a little more if possible

  • The avatar is still very visible in the thumbnail, can you replace the avatar with a more neutral mannequin-like avatar, or remove? Here’s an example of the mannequin avatar to make it clear what is being sold.


I can adjust the top 2 points but literally, the thumbnail has the wings and earrings alone and the earring zoomed in on.

If the person wants to see the actual wearable they could click the wearable as seen them alone, as well as on their avatar. I would like to keep the thumbnail with the modeler representation thank you :pray:

I’ve updated the file, you can see here it does indeed only have 2 materials and 2 textures

We have adjusted for the clipping as well.

Thank you for your help, I hope you will understand why the thumbnail is as it should, and would appreciate approval.

Also, if the concern is that people would think I’m selling the shirt and pants shown, those are both default wearables from DCL. Other listings just made also show default wearables, like this one:

I should also be allowed to.

Thanks for the update, that all looks good.

I’ve found a few more examples of what you’re talking about with the thumbnail. So its all approved. Cheers!

Appreciate your help getting this right!! Thank you!