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DCL Freshman Class 2022

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DCL Freshman Jacket 2022


this will be so cool seeing annually!

Hey, will check this now.

  1. Body seem to be clipping through the wearable on both representations, see attached screenshot. Not sure it’s needed there at all, hands would suffice:

  1. Consider making the background of the thumbnail transparent.


will work on this ASAP!

LFG !!! I AM SO EXCITED for this project and looking forward to the moment we are all on an island looking back at this as a piece of DCL history…

all should be in order now. Thank you!

Cant wait for this to come out!

There seem to be lots of problems with rigging, that lead to clipping and other glitches. Don’t forget to test the wearable on the Ropsten testnet before another commit.


I had foxed everything and submitted!!! Thank you for your patience

  1. Rigging is ok except for one part - take a look at the video (Decentraland Google Chrome 2022 03 19 16 15 23 - YouTube). I’d suggest rigging the lower bottom back side of the hoodie on BOTH representations more evenly to the hip and upper leg bones. As of now it looks quite odd during animations.

  2. 6 materials and 6 textures for a wearable is too much, it’s 2 materials and 2 textures max allowed.


Really looking forward to this drop!