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DCL_Brasil x DCL_Argentina

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**DCL_Brasil x DCL_Argentina 1 **

Hi! Collection is missing in curation tab, add tag or push any small change, thank you!

Hello @theankou ! Thks for your attention. Can you please check if it’s okay now. Cheers

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey! @Atrovenado, there is a hole on both versions:

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Hey @theankou
it was a designers choice
So you can see a bit of the human skin under the shirt

yes, but currently i can a see a whole world, because there is a hole :slight_smile: looks like standard body part is missing and needs to be updated (probably issue may be in wrong normals also)

ohh it was upside down

XD you 100% Right

Hi @theankou …changes made…can you please check again…Thks…


collection approved!