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Day Of The Dead Weed Aura

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Day of the Dead Weed Aura

  • Description: Day of The Dead Skull, Swirls, and Weed
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: helmet

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Bumping for Review Please

Taking a look at this now!


Can you please remove 1 material and 1 texture to so that there’s only 2 of each. See screenshot -


Currently you’re over 2k tris. Please reduce to 1.5k. Or hide all extra head slots (except the head), and we can allow this higher tri count. But based on the model, I think you can easily reduce the tri count.


I reduce the tris as requested. I also removed a texture and a material. I added a leaf and changed to head top and hid head slots @Sparkles

Great thanks. Approved!

Hi, I was wondering if the triangle requirements have changed? This wearable is listed as “Top of head”, and it has 980 Triangles. Top of head is categorized as an accessory and triangle limit for accessory is 500.