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Balloon-like (by DAPPCRAFT)

HelicoptARM (by DAPPCRAFT)

Twerk (by DAPPCRAFT)

Snake-like flight (by DAPPCRAFT)

Space jump (by DAPPCRAFT)

Twerk long ver. (by DAPPCRAFT)

Wheel spinning (by DAPPCRAFT)


The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, twerk emotes are causing some distortion and eMDMA emote has some clipping with the arm going through the legs.

emdma is intented to be “broken” like emote :slight_smile:
what about twerk, probably issue with wearable skinning, not emote, is this happening with other pants equipped too?

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Yup tested all pants and looks like its the emote. Alse please reduce the clipping with arm on eMDMA

so, this is allowed… and overlapping arm on broken man is not? lel, btw i checked twerk on my own and issues seems to be from skinning of wearables, not from skeleton animation, cuz only hip bone animated and a bit legs in that part, nothing moved etc, thats skinning issue.

btw to proof that emote is ok → female don’t have this issues with pants, so probably male pants weight painting is wrong…


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Hey sorry it was the shirt and not the pants that made the issue my bad! But for the other emote please just fix the moment where the whole arm goes through the leg and Ill approve asap!

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fixed eMDMA emote clipping @Yannakis

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Collection approved!

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Hey! @Yannakis we pushed an update for eMDMA emote name, can you take a look please? We will probably update animation a bit, but later, currently we are on deadlines :crazy_face:

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Awesome haha no worries just let me know when you do!