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Dance with me

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Dance with me, black shoe

Dance with me, black skirt

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Awesome design! Please remove lower body and Feet from “Replaces” list.
Do you want to add a male representation of your skirt?
There is also some clipping issues you may want to adjust.
Let me know when you are ready!


and thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
Lower body and feets are replaced. No male representation for the skirt.
I closed the inner part of the skirt with a second layer, this fixed the transparency that arise because of the normals. I also updated the weights to better adjust for movements.
Check what you think of this updated version.
And thanks once again.

Hey @Zack , its looking much better but it still having some issues with the running cycle.

Thank you!

Finally, the clipping is now corrected for :slight_smile:

Great work! Collection approved.