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Daddy Chang’s Unique Gear 1

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Dracula Bulletproof Wingsuit


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Do you want to add female representation?

sure thang, but gonna have to fix it up more cause bottom part of da gear clips with female’s hands wen she standing still, i’ll work on it tonight, let u kno wen its done!

is dat wut u guys r requesting btw? cause if not i’m actually good with this one been just fo da boys myself, my next one is another unisex anyways! If it is gonna take me a lil bit cuz this one on female has many places i gotta fix up and make sure it still fits on da male base properly too!

Hey vrglitch, yea i’ma keep this one a male suit if dat’s ok and not a requirement from u guys lol, cuz when i fix on female it don’t gear right on male, wen i fix again on male it don’t gear right again on female, so far this da only gear im havin trouble makin it unisex, so yea if its cool wit u guys i’ll just keep this one a male gear, but da next one and on i’ll keep makin them unixsex starting at base stage before i start on any textures and other cool shapes i add to them!

Lets find the way to add it, DM on discord

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hey vrglitch, just figured out how to add female representation, i added to it now, but made female version scarier looking, cuz her normal hands kept clipping, and wen i made her hands not clip the hips start to clip, wen hips don’t clip her hands start to clip, don’t clip in blender but wen in world female version always clipping one way or another, either standing, dancing or running, this scary version da only one dats not clipping wen doin all things together! I’m not sure why cuz da male version total fine in all forms and not clipping!

so i added description how female version will look scarier. In world now her one side hand is like Venom’s hand da other side looks like Edward the Scissorhand, becomes like a Dracula curse possession if females put it on or something, pls let me know if that concept is ok, if not i guess i can keep trying to fix the female version, but if y’all think that idea is ok i’m ready to publish this one and move onto da next gear! DM’d u next two gears on discord btw if u wanna take a look to see if they ready to publish too!

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 5.53.40 PM
Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 5.54.04 PM