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Daddy Chang’s Mythic X File

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Hidden Agenda UFO


Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 1.13.33 AM
Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 1.13.50 AM

So cool!!
You might want to change the category from ‘hat’ to ‘top head’ and the size of the thumbnail from 1080x1080px to 1024x1024px or 526x526px.

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Hey Kat ty :D, just got those done, thumbnail resize & category to (top head)

Hey @DaddyChang , rejected the collection because the wearable is not visible in world.

Can you upload again? It seems that the wearable was not skinned.


Hey Shibu, yea i kno this was an issue i brought up in August to u guys already, only disappeared after the latest DCL update that messed up the other UFO too and lot of emissions, i had to send buyer of this UFO some other mythic cause felt bad even though it was DCL’s end’s responsibility, already spoke to vrglitch about that on discord, i’ll let u guys know when the new glb is ready, trying to only weight them to spine so they also can sit still on top like before and not move with the head nor emojis as it was the original design i was going for, working on it with 3rdEyeVisuals now, i’ll let u guys know when it’s ready! And can u also reject the other approved one so i can upload the new glb file when ready, i sent vrglitch both forum links to both the UFOs! Thx Shibu

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@vrglitch Hey bud! Seems there was something on DCL’s side that threw the UV mapping off on several Tri’s. If you can unlock for updating on your end we can address on our’s. Will only take 2 min. Thanks!!!


Haven’t heard about this issue, I will take a look. Thank you
How did you fix it?
You should be able to update your model now.
Let me know when you are ready.

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Need to wait for DC to submit. Will let you know. The easiest way to fix is just by grabbing those Tri’s affected by the UV mapping mishap and just shift those individually to a “White” space. Now that I think about it, we may not see the issue it on our end in Blender in order to fix. I will update thread with finding’s as soon as DC hops online. Thanks again VR!

So you suggest that something on “DCL’s side that threw the UV mapping off on several Tri’s” but you can fix that on on your end? I’m really interested to know deeper about the issue and how was solved.
Have you checked for flipped normals?
Thank you

Hey @vrglitch so this is what it looks like on our end, doesn’t have the messed up thing, and few days ago was fine in Decentraland too i’ll post pictures of that too, we didn’t change anything! So now the concern on our end is if we fix (tweek) on our end, it gets messed up again on DCL’s side, and we gotta fix something again on our end <3

Was fine in game before too just last week:

Hey @vrglitch @Shibu , we just updated them both and submitted request for change now :slight_smile: thx again in advance <3

Hey @DaddyChang your wearable is going too far up and could cause issues to other users experience.
Please try to get closer to the upcoming height and width limitations.

Max height and width = 2.42m (based on cube with a pivot in intersecting spine and spine 1)

Thank you!

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thx vrglitch, u talking about the slime ghost added to it right? kk we’ll get on it & get bak to ya, ty :slight_smile: @3rd_Eye_Visuals yo we go more work to do bru lol

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Hey @vrglitch , we just updated this orange one too, sorry for the long wait, has been real busy lately, moved the ghost on the side so the height back to just da UFO same as the other one, custom thumbnail now works too so all ready to go :wink:

Hey @DaddyChang! Update approved

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thx vrglitch :smiley: <3<3<3